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Answer SSTS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

'03 retireesSSTS 4
2003 retireesSSTS 4
PlanesSSTS 4
"Maching-birds"?SSTS 4
2003 Air France retirees, brieflySSTS 4
Planes that routinely flew faster than 768 mi/hrSSTS 4
Fleet that was permanently retired in 2003SSTS 4
Aérospatiale was a co-mfr. of themSSTS 4
Decommissioned cruisers, brieflySSTS 4
Fliers grounded in '03, for shortSSTS 4
Heathrow landers until 2003, brieflySSTS 4
Items for a transportation museum, nowSSTS 4
One-time transatlantic speedstersSSTS 4
Sound barrier breakers, now groundedSSTS 4
Stratosphere streakers, for shortSSTS 4
Temporarily grounded fleet, brieflySSTS 4
They can break the speed of soundSSTS 4
They could turn down their nosesSSTS 4
They haven't taken off since 2003SSTS 4
They used to turn down their nosesSSTS 4
They've gone from boom to bust, briefly with 4 letters
They've gone from boom to bust, brieflySSTS 4
Transportation for those in a hurrySSTS 4
Boomers born in the 1960sSSTS 4
Booming jets of old, in briefSSTS 4
Concordes, e.g., for shortSSTS 4
Controversial noisemakersSSTS 4
Decommissioned barrier breakersSSTS 4
Discontinued fliers, quicklySSTS 4
Droop-nosed fliers, onceSSTS 4
Erstwhile "pond" jumpersSSTS 4
Fleet fleet members, formerlySSTS 4
Fleet fleet members of oldSSTS 4
Fleet fleet, once, in briefSSTS 4
Fleet that was very fleetSSTS 4
Former fast movers, for shortSSTS 4
Former faves of jet-settersSSTS 4
Former sonic boom producersSSTS 4
Former source of airborne boomsSSTS 4
Former source of sonic boomsSSTS 4
Former transatlantic crossersSSTS 4
Former transatlantic fliersSSTS 4
Former transatlantic planesSSTS 4
Grounded commercial fleetSSTS 4
Grounded fleet, for shortSSTS 4
Grounded fleet of fast fliersSSTS 4
Grounded fliers, brieflySSTS 4
Grounded fliers, for shortSSTS 4
Grounded jets, for shortSSTS 4
Grounded planes, brieflySSTS 4
High fliers under a cloudSSTS 4

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