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Answer SPRAT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

AnchovySPRAT 5
HerringSPRAT 5
Name of a nursery rhyme family with cholesterol issuesSPRAT 5
Diet-conscious nursery rhyme fellowSPRAT 5
Either of a nursery rhyme coupleSPRAT 5
Big name in fat avoidanceSPRAT 5
Diet-conscious fellow of rhymeSPRAT 5
Early cholesterol avoiderSPRAT 5
Jack of the nursery rhymeSPRAT 5
Jack who could eat no fatSPRAT 5
Jack who's a picky eaterSPRAT 5
Jack who would eat no fatSPRAT 5
Nursery rhyme weight watcherSPRAT 5
One of a nursery rhyme coupleSPRAT 5
One who doesn't chew the fat?SPRAT 5
Presumably thin guy of rhymeSPRAT 5
Certain choosy eaterSPRAT 5
Fat avoider of rhymeSPRAT 5
Fat eschewer of rhymeSPRAT 5
Fat forgoer of rhymeSPRAT 5
Fat-shunning fellow with 5 letters
Fat-shunning fellowSPRAT 5
He could eat no fatSPRAT 5
Herring-like fishSPRAT 5
Herring's cousinSPRAT 5
His wife got fatSPRAT 5
Inconsequential oneSPRAT 5
Inconsequential personSPRAT 5
Insignificant oneSPRAT 5
Jack in a nursery rhymeSPRAT 5
Jack known by totsSPRAT 5
Jack of a nursery rhymeSPRAT 5
Jack of lean cuisineSPRAT 5
Jack of nursery rhymeSPRAT 5
Jack of nursery rhymesSPRAT 5
Jack, the picky eaterSPRAT 5
Jack who ate no fatSPRAT 5
Lean cuisine loverSPRAT 5
Lean eater of rhymeSPRAT 5
Lean lover of rhymeSPRAT 5
Lover of lean cuisine?SPRAT 5
Man on a nonfat dietSPRAT 5
Memorable dieterSPRAT 5
No-fat eater of rhymeSPRAT 5
Nursery rhyme dieterSPRAT 5
Nursery rhyme dinerSPRAT 5
Nursery-rhyme nameSPRAT 5
Nursery rhyme surnameSPRAT 5
One on a nonfat diet?SPRAT 5
Picky eater of rhymeSPRAT 5
Sardinelike fishSPRAT 5

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