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Answer SODA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ crackerSODA 4
____ popSODA 4
16-Across, e.g.SODA 4
27-Across, e.g.SODA 4
MixerSODA 4
1-Across, e.g.SODA 4
7 Up or PepsiSODA 4
BicarbSODA 4
ChaserSODA 4
_____ FountainSODA 4
"Sermons and ___ water"SODA 4
____ Creek, British ColumbiaSODA 4
7UP, e.g.SODA 4
Bar supply available at the touch of a buttonSODA 4
Crackers, biscuits, saltines 4 lettersSODA 4
Designated driver's drink, perhapsSODA 4
Drink vendor's shout at the stadiumSODA 4
First card turned up in a game of faroSODA 4
It gets flatter as it gets olderSODA 4
Something that shouldn't be flatSODA 4
The older it gets, the flatter it gets with 4 letters
The older it gets, the flatter it getsSODA 4
What may appear after washing or bakingSODA 4
Word with ''cream'' or ''baking''SODA 4
Word with ''water'' or ''fountain''SODA 4
A jerk may give it to youSODA 4
Any carbonated soft drinkSODA 4
Baking ___ (pantry staple)SODA 4
Beverage with a burger, oftenSODA 4
Club __ (mixologist's supply)SODA 4
Concession-stand purchaseSODA 4
Designated driver's drinkSODA 4
Designated driver's orderSODA 4
Drink for a designated driverSODA 4
Flow from some fountainsSODA 4
Ice cream __ (fountain treat)SODA 4
Item in a certain parlorSODA 4
It gets flat when it's oldSODA 4
It loses zest as it gets oldSODA 4
It may be prepared by a jerkSODA 4
It's in the can, sometimesSODA 4
It's not as good when flatSODA 4
It's not good when it's flatSODA 4
Kind of cracker or fountainSODA 4
Kind of fountain or biscuitSODA 4
Kind of water or crackerSODA 4
Lemon-lime drink, for oneSODA 4
Na, in some compound namesSODA 4
Orange or cream beverage, e.g.SODA 4
Orange or cream, for twoSODA 4
Order given in an old parlorSODA 4

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