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television show in 1975SNL 3
"... from New York ..." show, brieflySNL 3
"... from New York!" show, brieflySNL 3
". . . from New York!" show, brieflySNL 3
30-year-old NBC showSNL 3
#10 of TV Guide's "50 Greatest Shows"SNL 3
1-Across's home, once: Abbr.SNL 3
"Sloths" airer, brieflySNL 3
"Studio 60" inspirationSNL 3
''30 Rock'' inspirationSNL 3
"Celebrity Jeopardy!" show, brieflySNL 3
"Live from New York!" initialsSNL 3
"Live from New York!" lettersSNL 3
"Skittish" NBC offering?SNL 3
"Weekend Update" show, familiarlySNL 3
"Weekend Update" show, for shortSNL 3
"Weekend Update" show, brieflySNL 3
"Weekend Update" prog.SNL 3
"Laser Cats" airerSNL 3
"Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney?" show, familiarlySNL 3
"Lazy Sunday" airer, briefly with 3 letters
"Lazy Sunday" airer, brieflySNL 3
"Bill Swerski's Superfans" show, for shortSNL 3
"Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" show, for shortSNL 3
"___ Digital Shorts"SNL 3
"Not Ready for Prime Time Players" showSNL 3
"Mad TV" rival, for shortSNL 3
"Mad TV" competitorSNL 3
"Mad TV" rivalSNL 3
1975 TV debut, brieflySNL 3
"TV Funhouse" show, for shortSNL 3
"MADtv" alternativeSNL 3
1975 NBC debut, brieflySNL 3
Sketch show that hasn't had a black female regular since 2007SNL 3
The last episode of its current season will be hosted by Bryan CranstonSNL 3
Chase scenes were often seen during its broadcastsSNL 3
Chase scenes were once common here, informallySNL 3
Long-running sketch comedy show, for shortSNL 3
Show with '70s samurai sketches, brieflySNL 3
Show that's launched many film careers: Abbr.SNL 3
Show that released the edited version of "I'm on a Boat," for shortSNL 3
"30 Rock" is loosely based on it, brieflySNL 3
Chevy vehicle of the 1970s, brieflySNL 3
Collection of sketches, for shortSNL 3
Comedy/variety inits. since 1975SNL 3
Follower of weekend news, brieflySNL 3
Irreverent weekend hit, informallySNL 3
Irreverent weekend show, brieflySNL 3
Its artists do many sketches, brieflySNL 3
Long-popular comedy show, for shortSNL 3
Presenter of many a spoof, for shortSNL 3

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