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Answer SNIPE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

_____ Lake, AlbertaSNIPE 5
Make cheap shots from afar, in shooter gamesSNIPE 5
Shoot at people from a concealed positionSNIPE 5
Stubbed cigar, or a migratory birdSNIPE 5
Outbid at the last second, as on eBaySNIPE 5
Be uncharitable, in a waySNIPE 5
Criticize snidely, with "at"SNIPE 5
Engage in petty criticismSNIPE 5
Relative of the sandpiperSNIPE 5
Shoot using a scope, saySNIPE 5
Shoot with great precisionSNIPE 5
Slender-billed game birdSNIPE 5
Slender-billed marsh dwellerSNIPE 5
Straight-billed game birdSNIPE 5
Straight-billed marsh birdSNIPE 5
Bid at the last second, as on eBaySNIPE 5
Attack anonymouslySNIPE 5
Attack from concealmentSNIPE 5
Attack from hidingSNIPE 5
A wing of ______SNIPE 5
Be deviously critical with 5 letters
Be deviously criticalSNIPE 5
Bird of the marshesSNIPE 5
Cousin of a woodcockSNIPE 5
Criticize sneakilySNIPE 5
Criticize, with "at"SNIPE 5
Fire on from hidingSNIPE 5
Long billed birdSNIPE 5
Long-billed game birdSNIPE 5
Long-billed marsh birdSNIPE 5
Long-billed shore birdSNIPE 5
Long-billed shorebirdSNIPE 5
Long-billed wading birdSNIPE 5
Make catty remarksSNIPE 5
Make cutting remarksSNIPE 5
Make malicious remarksSNIPE 5
Make nasty commentsSNIPE 5
Not attack head-onSNIPE 5
Prey in a bird huntSNIPE 5
Prey in a bogus huntSNIPE 5
Prey in a mock huntSNIPE 5
Sandpiper cousinSNIPE 5
Sandpiper relativeSNIPE 5
Sandpiper's cousinSNIPE 5
Shoot from aboveSNIPE 5
Shoot from ambushSNIPE 5
Shoot from coverSNIPE 5
Shoot from hidingSNIPE 5
Take a shot (at)SNIPE 5
Take a surprise shot atSNIPE 5
Take cheap shotsSNIPE 5

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