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Answer SLOMO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Let's see that again in ___"SLOMO 5
"Chariots of Fire" special effectSLOMO 5
Ref's tool when reviewing a play that's been challengedSLOMO 5
Replay option available to umps on a very limited basisSLOMO 5
A play might be seen better with thisSLOMO 5
Armchair quarterback's favorite replaySLOMO 5
A sports highlight may be seen in itSLOMO 5
Replay type for an armchair quarterbackSLOMO 5
Technique for viewing some slides?SLOMO 5
Technology used to review a callSLOMO 5
Way to verify an ump's call, for shortSLOMO 5
Bullet time, so to speakSLOMO 5
Camera technique, brieflySLOMO 5
Confirmer of some close callsSLOMO 5
Films can be shown in itSLOMO 5
Films may be shown in itSLOMO 5
Film technique, for shortSLOMO 5
Great plays may be seen in itSLOMO 5
Instant-replay techniqueSLOMO 5
It can help you see the playSLOMO 5
It may help you see an error with 5 letters
It may help you see an errorSLOMO 5
Replay feature, for shortSLOMO 5
Replays may be played in itSLOMO 5
Replay technique, brieflySLOMO 5
Replay technique, for shortSLOMO 5
Sports broadcast featureSLOMO 5
Sportscast feature, for shortSLOMO 5
Sports playback format, brieflySLOMO 5
Sports replay, for shortSLOMO 5
Aid for a ref's reviewSLOMO 5
Camera techniqueSLOMO 5
Certain reviewer's toolSLOMO 5
Cinematic techniqueSLOMO 5
Film technique, brieflySLOMO 5
Half-speed, e.g.SLOMO 5
Instant-replay effectSLOMO 5
Instant-replay featureSLOMO 5
Instant replay formatSLOMO 5
Inst. replay effectSLOMO 5
Inst. replay featureSLOMO 5
It helps you see playsSLOMO 5
Kind of replay, brieflySLOMO 5
Like many replaysSLOMO 5
Playback speed, brieflySLOMO 5
Play replay, oftenSLOMO 5
Play viewer's aidSLOMO 5
Race arbiter, at timesSLOMO 5
Replay effect, brieflySLOMO 5
Replay mode, for shortSLOMO 5
Replay speed, brieflySLOMO 5

Using the Tool

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