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Answer SKI – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"___ lift?"SKI 3
___ bumSKI 3
50 Cent song "___ Mask Way"SKI 3
WedelSKI 3
SchussSKI 3
ScrapeSKI 3
SlalomSKI 3
"___ Utah!" (license plate phrase)SKI 3
"Après ___"SKI 3
"Make tracks!"SKI 3
Jet ___SKI 3
Runner?SKI 3
Do VailSKI 3
Après-___ (following a day on the slopes -- and, literally, where the first words of the four longest puzzle answers can be found)SKI 3
Item of sports equipment sometimes seen on top of a carSKI 3
One might fall off while you're going downSKI 3
Compete in a certain cross-country raceSKI 3
Enjoy the bunny slope, for exampleSKI 3
Going without the evening meal ...SKI 3
Make tracks on a mountainside, in a waySKI 3
Take a lift only to go downhill? with 3 letters
Take a lift only to go downhill?SKI 3
Travel down a mountain, in a waySKI 3
What people who head for the hills do?SKI 3
Bit of winter sports equipmentSKI 3
Boot attachment, perhapsSKI 3
Compete in a biathlon, in partSKI 3
Cross-country need, perhapsSKI 3
Cross-country transport?SKI 3
Enjoy a peak experience?SKI 3
Enjoy snow-covered slopesSKI 3
Glide over water or snowSKI 3
Go down a black diamond, saySKI 3
Go down a slippery slopeSKI 3
Go downhill fast, perhapsSKI 3
Half of a biathlete's pairSKI 3
Item on a car roof, sometimesSKI 3
Item usually bought in pairsSKI 3
It leaves a line in the snowSKI 3
Kind of boot, jump or liftSKI 3
Make tracks on a mountainsideSKI 3
Navigate a biathlon course, saySKI 3
One of a biathlete's pairSKI 3
One thing to do in a jumpsuitSKI 3
Participate in a biathlonSKI 3
Participate in a langlaufSKI 3
Part of what a biathlete doesSKI 3
Polish name ending, perhapsSKI 3
Proceed from a chairliftSKI 3
Runner with a turned-up noseSKI 3
Sea's partner, commerciallySKI 3

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