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Answer SKATE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

36 Across with wheelsSKATE 5
GlideSKATE 5
"Good" personSKATE 5
Fish that lays an egg case called a mermaid's purseSKATE 5
It may have you going in circlesSKATE 5
Perform a camel spin into a double axelSKATE 5
An old one may need a keySKATE 5
Compete in a winter eventSKATE 5
Fish similar to the stingraySKATE 5
Footwear for a frozen lakeSKATE 5
Glide on blades or rollersSKATE 5
It has wheels on its heelSKATE 5
It lays a mermaid's purseSKATE 5
Make a nice round figure, saySKATE 5
Make figure eights, oftenSKATE 5
Make nice round figures, saySKATE 5
Member of the ray familySKATE 5
Pass superficially (over)SKATE 5
Perform lutzes and axelsSKATE 5
Perform triple axels, e.g.SKATE 5
Play professional hockey with 5 letters
Play professional hockeySKATE 5
Thing with a wheeled heelSKATE 5
Work on one's figure, saySKATE 5
Do some action shots for "Thrasher"SKATE 5
Aquarium denizenSKATE 5
Blade holder, maybeSKATE 5
Boot with a bladeSKATE 5
Carnivorous fishSKATE 5
Cheap attachmentSKATE 5
Diamond-shaped fishSKATE 5
Diamond-shaped raySKATE 5
Disk-shaped marine fishSKATE 5
Do a figure eightSKATE 5
Do a triple axel, saySKATE 5
Do axels and lutzesSKATE 5
Do figure eightsSKATE 5
Do figure eights, saySKATE 5
Do figures, in a waySKATE 5
Do toe loops, e.g.SKATE 5
Enjoy the roller rinkSKATE 5
Execute a camel?SKATE 5
Execute a camel, saySKATE 5
Fellow, usually goodSKATE 5
Fish or footwearSKATE 5
Get by on thin ice?SKATE 5
Glide across the iceSKATE 5
Glide around a rinkSKATE 5
Glide on the iceSKATE 5
Glider on the iceSKATE 5
Glide smoothly alongSKATE 5

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