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Answer SIMILE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Life is like a box of chocolates," e.g.SIMILE 6
"My love is like a red, red rose," e.g.SIMILE 6
"Cool as a cucumber," e.g.SIMILE 6
'Cute as a button,' e.g.SIMILE 6
"Good as gold," for exampleSIMILE 6
'Hard as nails,' for oneSIMILE 6
"Healthy as a horse," e.g.SIMILE 6
"Lips like cherries," e.g.SIMILE 6
"Pretty as a picture," e.g.SIMILE 6
"Proud as a peacock," e.g.SIMILE 6
"Quiet as a mouse," e.g.SIMILE 6
"Red as a beet," for oneSIMILE 6
"Sharp as a tack," for exampleSIMILE 6
"Sick as a dog," for instanceSIMILE 6
"Smart as a whip," for instanceSIMILE 6
"Thick as thieves," e.g.SIMILE 6
"As good as gold," e.g.SIMILE 6
"Feet like ice," e.g.SIMILE 6
"Good as new," e.g.SIMILE 6
"Hot as a pistol," e.g.SIMILE 6
"Red as a rose" is one with 6 letters
"Red as a rose" is oneSIMILE 6
'Sharp as a tack,' e.g.SIMILE 6
"Like a Virgin," for example?SIMILE 6
A tropeSIMILE 6
As fit as a fiddle for oneSIMILE 6
Cute as a button, for oneSIMILE 6
Float like a butterfly, saySIMILE 6
Idiom with "as" in the middleSIMILE 6
Presenter of a likeness?SIMILE 6
Pretty as a picture, for oneSIMILE 6
As easy as pie, saySIMILE 6
As hot as hell, e.g.SIMILE 6
As plain as day, e.g.SIMILE 6
Black as night, e.g.SIMILE 6
Cheeks like roses, e.g.SIMILE 6
Comparative phraseSIMILE 6
Comparing phraseSIMILE 6
Comparison in writingSIMILE 6
Cool as a cucumberSIMILE 6
Cousin of a metaphorSIMILE 6
Figure of speech?SIMILE 6
Fresh as a daisy, e.g.SIMILE 6
Hair like silk, e.g.SIMILE 6
Literary comparisonSIMILE 6
Literary likeningSIMILE 6
Metaphor's cousinSIMILE 6
Neat as a pin, e.g.SIMILE 6
Neat as a pin, saySIMILE 6
One of the tropesSIMILE 6
Phrase of comparisonSIMILE 6

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