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Answer SILENCEISGOLDEN – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Quiet!" . . . at finishing schoolSILENCEISGOLDEN 15
"Shhhh!" prompterSILENCEISGOLDEN 15
"Zip your lip!"SILENCEISGOLDEN 15
Proverb for overwrought parents, and a hint to both ends of 17-, 23-, 47- and 56-AcrossSILENCEISGOLDEN 15
The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but also...SILENCEISGOLDEN 15
A proverb that contradicts 17- and 34-AcrossSILENCEISGOLDEN 15
Adage for a dumb blonde?SILENCEISGOLDEN 15
Admonition to a noisy childSILENCEISGOLDEN 15
Apt adage for this puzzleSILENCEISGOLDEN 15
Librarian's line, perhapsSILENCEISGOLDEN 15
Librarian's motto, perhapsSILENCEISGOLDEN 15
Polite words for shut upSILENCEISGOLDEN 15
Adage for a librarianSILENCEISGOLDEN 15
Library motto?SILENCEISGOLDEN 15
Title for M. Marceau's memoirs?SILENCEISGOLDEN 15

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