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Answer SIDEB – Crossword Puzzle Solver

45 halfSIDEB 5
"God Only Knows," to "Wouldn't It Be Nice"SIDEB 5
"P.S. I Love You," to "Love Me Do"SIDEB 5
LP partSIDEB 5
Site of a hit song's instrumental version, maybeSIDEB 5
Less-often-played half of a 45 rpm platterSIDEB 5
A record turnover may bring this upSIDEB 5
Part with an extended remix, perhapsSIDEB 5
Label phrase on some audiotapesSIDEB 5
Lesser-known part of a recordSIDEB 5
Lesser-played half of a 45SIDEB 5
Lesser-played part of a 45SIDEB 5
Less popular half of a 45SIDEB 5
Less popular track, oftenSIDEB 5
One might flip a tape to itSIDEB 5
Phrase on an audiocassetteSIDEB 5
Phrase on a platter labelSIDEB 5
Phrase on some audiotapesSIDEB 5
Reverse of a hit 45 recordSIDEB 5
Second half of a cassetteSIDEB 5
Song that people flip for? with 5 letters
Song that people flip for?SIDEB 5
Audiotape's other halfSIDEB 5
Back of a recordSIDEB 5
Bottom of a platterSIDEB 5
Cassette tape notationSIDEB 5
Flip of a hit singleSIDEB 5
Half of a cassetteSIDEB 5
Half of an audiotapeSIDEB 5
Half of a recordSIDEB 5
Hit's accompanimentSIDEB 5
Hit single's tagalongSIDEB 5
It's opposite the hitSIDEB 5
It's rarely a hitSIDEB 5
It's usually not a hitSIDEB 5
Lesser cut, usuallySIDEB 5
Lesser half of a 45SIDEB 5
One half of a 45SIDEB 5
Part of a cassette tapeSIDEB 5
Second half of an albumSIDEB 5
Second half of a recordSIDEB 5
Second half of a tapeSIDEB 5
Surprise hit, sometimesSIDEB 5
Back of a tapeSIDEB 5
Backtrack?SIDEB 5
Cassette halfSIDEB 5
Flip for a hit?SIDEB 5
Half of a tapeSIDEB 5
Hit "back"SIDEB 5
Hit bottom?SIDEB 5
Hit's backSIDEB 5

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