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Answer SHRED – Crossword Puzzle Solver

divideSHRED 5
ScrapSHRED 5
TraceSHRED 5
Cut-upSHRED 5
Rip upSHRED 5
SliverSHRED 5
TatterSHRED 5
"Measure" of dignitySHRED 5
"Measure" of evidenceSHRED 5
Nail itSHRED 5
SnippetSHRED 5
VestigeSHRED 5
Destroy, as classified documentsSHRED 5
Dispose of, as confidential documentsSHRED 5
Dispose of sensitive material, in a waySHRED 5
Play the guitar like a guitar godSHRED 5
Prepare, as cabbage for cole slawSHRED 5
Amount of dignity or evidenceSHRED 5
Cover one's tracks, in a waySHRED 5
Cover up wrongdoing, perhaps with 5 letters
Cover up wrongdoing, perhapsSHRED 5
Destroy, as a paper trailSHRED 5
Destroy, as secret papersSHRED 5
Destroy, as sensitive documentsSHRED 5
Destroy, as sensitive materialsSHRED 5
Destroy documents, in a waySHRED 5
Destroy evidence, in a waySHRED 5
Get rid of, as old paperworkSHRED 5
Make unreadable, in a waySHRED 5
One way to destroy documentsSHRED 5
On way to remove a paper trailSHRED 5
Prepare cabbage for slawSHRED 5
Render unreadable, in a waySHRED 5
Use a certain office machineSHRED 5
Wail on guitar, slangilySHRED 5
Work on secret papers, in a waySHRED 5
Amount of evidence?SHRED 5
Bit, as of evidenceSHRED 5
Deep-six, in a waySHRED 5
Destroy a documentSHRED 5
Destroy, as documentsSHRED 5
Destroy, as filesSHRED 5
Destroy, as papersSHRED 5
Destroy documentsSHRED 5
Destroy papers in a waySHRED 5
Get rid of old moneySHRED 5
Make confetti out ofSHRED 5
Make into confettiSHRED 5
Make paper unreadableSHRED 5
Minimal evidenceSHRED 5

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