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Answer SHOESTRING – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Kind of operation or catchSHOESTRING 10
Minimal budget, so to speakSHOESTRING 10
Tight budget, figurativelySHOESTRING 10
Very small amount of moneySHOESTRING 10
Barely adequate budgetSHOESTRING 10
It's fit to be tiedSHOESTRING 10
Kind of potatoes?SHOESTRING 10
Minimal nest eggSHOESTRING 10
Outfielder's ___ catchSHOESTRING 10
Very small bankrollSHOESTRING 10
Low capitalSHOESTRING 10
Small sumSHOESTRING 10
Tiny bankrollSHOESTRING 10

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