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Answer SHATTER – Crossword Puzzle Solver

'Break --!'SHATTER 7
DestroySHATTER 7
Beat by a lot, as a recordSHATTER 7
Break big-time, as a recordSHATTER 7
Break into piecesSHATTER 7
Break into smithereensSHATTER 7
Smash into piecesSHATTER 7
Smash to smithereensSHATTER 7
Be destructiveSHATTER 7
Blow apartSHATTER 7
Break into bitsSHATTER 7
Break to bitsSHATTER 7
Break upSHATTER 7
Go to pieces?SHATTER 7
Severely damageSHATTER 7
Smash ___SHATTER 7

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