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Answer SHASTA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ daisy (chrysanthemum)SHASTA 6
'___ -daisy!'SHASTA 6
"___ McNasty" (UPN TV series)SHASTA 6
California peak rumored to hide advanced beings called LemuriansSHASTA 6
California peak for which a soda is namedSHASTA 6
California river, county or mountainSHASTA 6
Soft drink originally bottled in CaliforniaSHASTA 6
California lake or countySHASTA 6
California volcanic peakSHASTA 6
Mount that last erupted in 1786SHASTA 6
Soda born at the base of a California mountainSHASTA 6
Second-highest peak in the CascadesSHASTA 6
It may be climbed via the John Muir RouteSHASTA 6
Lake, dam, and county in CaliforniaSHASTA 6
Soft drink company based in CaliforniaSHASTA 6
California countySHASTA 6
California mountSHASTA 6
California mountainSHASTA 6
California volcanoSHASTA 6
Cascades high spotSHASTA 6
Cascades mountain with 6 letters
Cascades mountainSHASTA 6
Faygo competitorSHASTA 6
Kind of fir or cypressSHASTA 6
Soda brand since 1931SHASTA 6
Soft drink brandSHASTA 6
Variety of daisySHASTA 6
Western national forestSHASTA 6
National forest in CaliforniaSHASTA 6
Daisy developed by Luther BurbankSHASTA 6
Dormant volcano in the Cascade RangeSHASTA 6
Mountain peak in Calif.SHASTA 6
Volcanic peak in Calif.SHASTA 6
High peak in the CascadesSHASTA 6
Volcanic peak in CaliforniaSHASTA 6
Volcanic peak in the CascadesSHASTA 6
Upon seeing it, John Muir's "blood turned to wine"SHASTA 6
A kind of daisySHASTA 6
Calif. mountSHASTA 6
Calif. mountainSHASTA 6
California peakSHASTA 6
Calif. peakSHASTA 6
Cascade peakSHASTA 6
Cascades mountSHASTA 6
Cascades peakSHASTA 6
Daisy typeSHASTA 6
Daisy varietySHASTA 6
Kind of daisySHASTA 6
Large daisySHASTA 6
___ Sam (card game)SHASTA 6
Soda brandSHASTA 6

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