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Answer SHAD – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ roeSHAD 4
HerringSHAD 4
Deep-bodied herring that swims upstream to spawnSHAD 4
Fish that migrates from seawater to freshwater and backSHAD 4
Canadian rapper not named for river herringSHAD 4
Fish usually caught in the winterSHAD 4
Source of some highly prized 19-AcrossesSHAD 4
Catch of the day, perhapsSHAD 4
Fish of the herring familySHAD 4
Fish similar to a herringSHAD 4
Fish that can detect ultrasoundSHAD 4
Fish that spawns upstreamSHAD 4
Fish that swims upstreamSHAD 4
Fish with delectable roeSHAD 4
Food fish in the herring familySHAD 4
Food fish known for its roeSHAD 4
Foodfish of the herring familySHAD 4
Herring known for its roeSHAD 4
Herring prized for its eggsSHAD 4
Marine fish prized for its roeSHAD 4
Migratory herringlike fish with 4 letters
Migratory herringlike fishSHAD 4
Some roe upstream, eventuallySHAD 4
A herring relativeSHAD 4
Alewife relativeSHAD 4
Alewife's cousinSHAD 4
Alewife's relativeSHAD 4
Atlantic food fishSHAD 4
Coastal food fishSHAD 4
Cousin of a herringSHAD 4
Cousin of an alewifeSHAD 4
Cousin of the herringSHAD 4
Deep-bodied herringSHAD 4
Herring-like fishSHAD 4
Herringlike fishSHAD 4
Herringlike food fishSHAD 4
Herring relativeSHAD 4
Herring's cousinSHAD 4
Herring's relativeSHAD 4
Hudson river fishSHAD 4
Its roe is a delicacySHAD 4
Kohada, on a sushi menuSHAD 4
Menhaden's cousinSHAD 4
Menhaden's look-alikeSHAD 4
Migratory herringSHAD 4
Mooneye's cousinSHAD 4
One source of roeSHAD 4
Relative of an alewifeSHAD 4
Sardine's cousinSHAD 4
Skipjack herring, e.g.SHAD 4
Source of some roeSHAD 4

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