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Answer SET – Crossword Puzzle Solver

CongealSET 3
CoterieSET 3
DeclineSET 3
DepositSET 3
Go downSET 3
ImplantSET 3
Jet ___SET 3
___ -LaySET 3
Put ___SET 3
ScenerySET 3
StiffenSET 3
"Love Like Woe" The Ready ___SET 3
"___ Adrift On Memory Bliss" P.M. DawnSET 3
TV unitSET 3
Card game featuring purple diamonds, red squiggles, etc.SET 3
Three of a kind formed with a pocket pair, in poker lingoSET 3
Harden, and word split in 20-, 33-, 41-, and 57-AcrossSET 3
Adjust to the desired wake-up time, as an alarmSET 3
Card game based on matching groups of threeSET 3
Complete collection of baseball cards, saySET 3
Put back in place after a break, as a radius with 3 letters
Put back in place after a break, as a radiusSET 3
Volleyball action between a bump and a spikeSET 3
Volleyball action between bump and spikeSET 3
Word heard before the starter's pistol firesSET 3
Matched parts or part of a matchSET 3
Partner of game and match, sometimesSET 3
Place where many people get shotSET 3
Prepare for a spike, in volleyballSET 3
Put back into place, as a broken boneSET 3
Put in position, as a broken boneSET 3
Several reps, in the weight roomSET 3
Six games, if one player loses all sixSET 3
Things that go together, collectivelySET 3
Three of a kind, in poker parlanceSET 3
Volleyball action before a spikeSET 3
What some bands don't get throughSET 3
Word with ''down,'' ''up'' or ''back''SET 3
Word with "movie" or "television"SET 3
Word with the longest entry in the O.E.D.SET 3
Word that "run" replaced as the OED entry with the most definitionsSET 3
Activate, as an alarm clockSET 3
Activate the alarm clockSET 3
Adjust, as an alarm clockSET 3
Adjusted for proper functioningSET 3
An hour's worth of tunes, maybeSET 3
Baseball card collectionSET 3
Better not to break this upSET 3
Call between ready and goSET 3
Card game with squigglesSET 3
Chess pieces and board, e.g.SET 3

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