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Answer SEGAL – Crossword Puzzle Solver

''Oliver's Story'' authorSEGAL 5
"Oliver's Story" author ErichSEGAL 5
"Blume in Love" starSEGAL 5
'Stick' actor GeorgeSEGAL 5
'Where's Poppa?' co-star GeorgeSEGAL 5
"Ship of Fools" actor GeorgeSEGAL 5
"Where's Poppa?" star GeorgeSEGAL 5
"Carbon Copy" starSEGAL 5
"Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" actorSEGAL 5
"Love Story" authorSEGAL 5
"Love Story" novelistSEGAL 5
'Love Story' writerSEGAL 5
'King Rat' star GeorgeSEGAL 5
"Love Story" novelist ErichSEGAL 5
"Love Story" author ErichSEGAL 5
'Love Story' writer ErichSEGAL 5
"King Rat" starSEGAL 5
'Just Shoot Me' cast member GeorgeSEGAL 5
"Just Shoot Me!" costarSEGAL 5
"Just Shoot Me" co-starSEGAL 5
"Just Shoot Me" star with 5 letters
"Just Shoot Me" starSEGAL 5
"Just Shoot Me" actor GeorgeSEGAL 5
"Just Shoot Me" star GeorgeSEGAL 5
"The Goldbergs" actor GeorgeSEGAL 5
"A Touch of Class" actorSEGAL 5
"A Touch of Class" starSEGAL 5
American sculptorSEGAL 5
Screenplay writer ErichSEGAL 5
American sculptor GeorgeSEGAL 5
Sculptor or actor GeorgeSEGAL 5
George of 1975's "The Black Bird"SEGAL 5
George of "Where's Poppa?"SEGAL 5
George of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf"SEGAL 5
Co-star of Spade and San GiacomoSEGAL 5
George of "Blume in Love"SEGAL 5
George of "Just Shoot Me!"SEGAL 5
George of "Look Who's Talking"SEGAL 5
George or ErichSEGAL 5
Novelist ErichSEGAL 5
George of "The Hot Rock"SEGAL 5
Filmdom's George of Great NeckSEGAL 5
Sculptor GeorgeSEGAL 5
He wrote "Love Story"SEGAL 5
He wrote "The Class"SEGAL 5
Star of "Blume in Love"SEGAL 5
Fonda's "Fun With Dick and Jane" costarSEGAL 5
Actress VivienneSEGAL 5
Acts of Faith authorSEGAL 5
Writer ErichSEGAL 5
Actor George from Great NeckSEGAL 5

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