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Answer SCAM – Crossword Puzzle Solver

BuncoSCAM 4
CheatSCAM 4
FraudSCAM 4
StingSCAM 4
FleeceSCAM 4
HustleSCAM 4
RacketSCAM 4
RipoffSCAM 4
"You just won a cruise" email, e.g.SCAM 4
"See who's viewing your profile" on FacebookSCAM 4
Con ___SCAM 4
Con jobSCAM 4
DefraudSCAM 4
SwindleSCAM 4
Contrivance for taking people for a rideSCAM 4
Offer that seems too good to be true, probablySCAM 4
Case for the consumer affairs bureauSCAM 4
E-mail for the spam filter, probablySCAM 4
Email for the spam folder, probablySCAM 4
E-mail offer of $17,000,000.00, e.g.SCAM 4
How a fool and his money are parted with 4 letters
How a fool and his money are partedSCAM 4
Many an e-mail "click here" offerSCAM 4
Offer that's too good to be true, oftenSCAM 4
Too-good-to-be-true offer, oftenSCAM 4
Phone call telling you to pay the IRS immediately or you'll be thrown in jail, e.g.SCAM 4
Action shared by a shillSCAM 4
Bait and switch, for oneSCAM 4
Fast shuffle, so to speakSCAM 4
Get-rich-quick offer, typicallySCAM 4
Handkerchief switch, e.g.SCAM 4
Illegal investment schemeSCAM 4
Money-losing proposition?SCAM 4
Nigerian e-mail, sometimesSCAM 4
Nigerian lottery e-mail, e.g.SCAM 4
Ploy that targets the gullibleSCAM 4
Ponzi scheme, for exampleSCAM 4
Pyramid scheme, for exampleSCAM 4
Set up buddy's con game (4)SCAM 4
Source of illegitimate incomeSCAM 4
Source of ill-gotten gainsSCAM 4
Three-card monte, notablySCAM 4
Too-good-to-be-true investmentSCAM 4
Unethical way to make moneySCAM 4
Act of deceptionSCAM 4
Bait and switch is oneSCAM 4
Bunko squad concernSCAM 4
Certain artist's forteSCAM 4
Chain letter, perhapsSCAM 4
Cheat out of moneySCAM 4
Con artist's artSCAM 4

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