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Answer SAW – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Musical instrument found in few bandsSAW 3
One going back and forth to work?SAW 3
Penultimate word of a palindromeSAW 3
Band or musical followerSAW 3
Creator of a branch division?SAW 3
Cutter of lines in some shops?SAW 3
Go back and forth in the woods?SAW 3
Gory horror film franchiseSAW 3
Hit 2004 film with many sequelsSAW 3
Horror film with four sequelsSAW 3
It goes back and forth to work?SAW 3
It has teeth but no mouthSAW 3
It may be trite and trueSAW 3
It may go against the grainSAW 3
Magician's prop, perhapsSAW 3
Make across-the-board cuts?SAW 3
Maker of across-the-board cutsSAW 3
One going back and forthSAW 3
Process lumber, in a waySAW 3
Prop for a magician's trickSAW 3
Prop for an old magic trick with 3 letters
Prop for an old magic trickSAW 3
Recent horror film franchiseSAW 3
Sometime musical instrumentSAW 3
Tool that can make musicSAW 3
Tool that may be instrumental?SAW 3
Tool used to create kerfsSAW 3
Word with "rip" or "circular"SAW 3
Word with "whip" or "rip"SAW 3
Thriller with the tagline "Every puzzle has its pieces"SAW 3
Bloody 2004 thrillerSAW 3
Buzzer that cutsSAW 3
Buzz or hack followerSAW 3
Called a bet, in pokerSAW 3
Called with chipsSAW 3
Carpenter's cutterSAW 3
Carpenter's toolSAW 3
Caught a glimpse ofSAW 3
Caught, as a movieSAW 3
Caught at the theaterSAW 3
Circular or crosscutSAW 3
Coping mechanism?SAW 3
Do some carpentrySAW 3
Dust-raising toolSAW 3
Feasted the peepers onSAW 3
Gory 2004 thrillerSAW 3
Got a glimpse ofSAW 3
Got an eyeful ofSAW 3
Got the picture?SAW 3
Hack or chain followerSAW 3
Hardware store purchaseSAW 3

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