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Answer SATUP – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ and took noticeSATUP 5
Awaited someone's arrival before going to bedSATUP 5
Displayed sudden interest, in a waySATUP 5
Showed sudden interest, in a waySATUP 5
Started paying attention, perhapsSATUP 5
Waited (for) until long after darkSATUP 5
Got ready to face the daySATUP 5
Paid attention, so to speakSATUP 5
Partner of "took notice"SATUP 5
Performed an abdominal exerciseSATUP 5
Prepared to take notice?SATUP 5
Reacted to a bad dream, perhapsSATUP 5
Showed interest or surpriseSATUP 5
Suddenly took interest, saySATUP 5
Waited for revelers to returnSATUP 5
Was straight in the saddleSATUP 5
Became interestedSATUP 5
Became suddenly alertSATUP 5
Began to take noticeSATUP 5
Broke out of a slump?SATUP 5
Came out of a slump? with 5 letters
Came out of a slump?SATUP 5
Delayed one's bedtimeSATUP 5
Did a doggie trickSATUP 5
Did a doggy trickSATUP 5
Least desirable partsSATUP 5
Moved from lying downSATUP 5
Postponed bedtimeSATUP 5
Postponed going to bedSATUP 5
Showed alertnessSATUP 5
Showed attentivenessSATUP 5
Showed sudden interestSATUP 5
Stopped daydreamingSATUP 5
Stopped slouchingSATUP 5
Suddenly paid attentionSATUP 5
Suddenly took interestSATUP 5
Took a sudden interestSATUP 5
Took in the late showSATUP 5
Visibly took noticeSATUP 5
Watched the late TVSATUP 5
Arose in bedSATUP 5
Ate in bed, saySATUP 5
Became alertSATUP 5
Kept a vigilSATUP 5
Kept late hoursSATUP 5
Paid attentionSATUP 5
Rose partiallySATUP 5
Showed interestSATUP 5
Showed surpriseSATUP 5
Stayed awakeSATUP 5
Stopped lying?SATUP 5

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