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Answer SALESRESISTANCE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Ability to walk away from a hucksterSALESRESISTANCE 15
Ability to let a pitch go bySALESRESISTANCE 15
It helps a shopper say noSALESRESISTANCE 15
What higher prices may produceSALESRESISTANCE 15
Buyer's balkinessSALESRESISTANCE 15
Defense against a pitchSALESRESISTANCE 15
Impulse-buyers lackSALESRESISTANCE 15
Pitchman's problemSALESRESISTANCE 15
Problem in closing?SALESRESISTANCE 15
Reluctance to purchaseSALESRESISTANCE 15
Browser's frontSALESRESISTANCE 15

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