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Answer SAFE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ house (spy's refuge)SAFE 4
___ and saneSAFE 4
ServeSAFE 4
VaultSAFE 4
SecureSAFE 4
UnhurtSAFE 4
*Place to store valuablesSAFE 4
GuardedSAFE 4
LockboxSAFE 4
No-riskSAFE 4
Not outSAFE 4
On baseSAFE 4
PrudentSAFE 4
SecuredSAFE 4
How hair metalers played it with power balladsSAFE 4
Shout with the arms extended horizontallySAFE 4
Box with crackers on the outside?SAFE 4
Classic item hidden behind a paintingSAFE 4
Official's call with outspread armsSAFE 4
Ump's call with outstretched armsSAFE 4
What baseball players are, at times with 4 letters
What baseball players are, at timesSAFE 4
What might be said right before sex?SAFE 4
Box behind a painting, maybeSAFE 4
Box that crackers go into?SAFE 4
Call at first base, maybeSAFE 4
Container that can be crackedSAFE 4
Container that may be crackedSAFE 4
Game-ending shout, perhapsSAFE 4
How sell-out band plays itSAFE 4
How the cautious play itSAFE 4
It might be a close callSAFE 4
Jewelry repository, oftenSAFE 4
Kind of house, in spydomSAFE 4
Office feature, sometimesSAFE 4
Opposite of "out" in baseballSAFE 4
Place for some securitiesSAFE 4
Secure place for valuablesSAFE 4
Shout made with palms downSAFE 4
Sometimes cracked containerSAFE 4
Storage place for stocksSAFE 4
Temptation for a petemanSAFE 4
There's probably money in itSAFE 4
Umpire's call, sometimesSAFE 4
Umpire's palms-down callSAFE 4
Umpire's yell, sometimesSAFE 4
Ump's outstretched-arms callSAFE 4
Unlikely to produce controversySAFE 4
Ahead of the tagSAFE 4
A hole in the wall?SAFE 4
A picture may cover itSAFE 4

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