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Answer ROSIE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

One-time daytime host O'DonnellROSIE 5
Woman on the old "We Can Do It!" postersROSIE 5
Famous riveter or O'Donnell of talkROSIE 5
First name in daytime TVROSIE 5
Big name in daytime TVROSIE 5
Former big name on "The View"ROSIE 5
Saucy character on "The Jetsons"ROSIE 5
One-time talker O'DonnellROSIE 5
Talk radio host O'DonnellROSIE 5
Symbolic riveter of W.W. IIROSIE 5
Riveting woman of WWIIROSIE 5
Famed riveterROSIE 5
Famous riveterROSIE 5
Girl of songROSIE 5
Iconic riveterROSIE 5
Ogrady of songROSIE 5
Perez of filmROSIE 5
Riveter of noteROSIE 5
Riveter of songROSIE 5
Riveting iconROSIE 5
Riveting name? with 5 letters
Riveting name?ROSIE 5
Riveting womanROSIE 5
Wartime riveterROSIE 5
Actress __ PerezROSIE 5
Riveter of World War IIROSIE 5
Robot maid on "The Jetsons"ROSIE 5
Spill wiper on TVROSIE 5
Riveter of W. W. IIROSIE 5
Funnywoman O'DonnellROSIE 5
Perez of "Do the Right Thing"ROSIE 5
She works for Mr. JROSIE 5
Talkative O'DonnellROSIE 5
Talk-host O'DonnellROSIE 5
First name in TV talkROSIE 5
Victim in AMC's "The Killing"ROSIE 5
Role for Sharon GlessROSIE 5
Maid on "The Jetsons"ROSIE 5
Perez or O'DonnellROSIE 5
Daytime host O'DonnellROSIE 5
Archetypical W.W. II metalworkerROSIE 5
One-time TV host O'DonnellROSIE 5
With 71-Across, "White Men Can't Jump" co-starROSIE 5
Actress Perez or O'DonnellROSIE 5
Hepburn, to Bogart, in "The African Queen"ROSIE 5
Girl in Maude Nugent's 1896 songROSIE 5
Former "The View" co-host O'DonnellROSIE 5
Former "The View" nameROSIE 5
Girl of W. W. II songROSIE 5
Entertainer O'DonnellROSIE 5
Riveter of WWIIROSIE 5

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