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Answer ROC – Crossword Puzzle Solver

1990's sitcom that for one full season was aired liveROC 3
"1001 Nights" birdROC 3
''The Travels of Marco Polo'' creatureROC 3
"Arabian Nights" flying creatureROC 3
"Arabian Nights" creatureROC 3
"Arabian Nights" monsterROC 3
"Arabian Nights" predatorROC 3
'Arabian Nights' birdROC 3
"Arabian Nights" flierROC 3
"Arabian Nights" flyerROC 3
"Arabian Nights" menaceROC 3
'90s Fox sitcomROC 3
"___ Eden"ROC 3
"One Thousand and One Nights" birdROC 3
"The Thousand and One Nights" menaceROC 3
Massive white predatory bird of mythologyROC 3
Flier with quills "twelve paces long," per Marco PoloROC 3
___ Nation (entertainment conglomerate founded by Jay-Z)ROC 3
Elephant-eating bird of folkloreROC 3
Elf's transportation, in fantasy novelsROC 3
___ Nation (music conglomerate founded by Jay-Z) with 3 letters
___ Nation (music conglomerate founded by Jay-Z)ROC 3
Elephant abductor of mythROC 3
Elephant carrier of mythROC 3
Elephant-eating bird of mythROC 3
Elephant predator of mythROC 3
Enormous elephant eater of mythROC 3
Enormous white bird of mythROC 3
Fabled bird that never landsROC 3
Fabled elephant abductorROC 3
Legendary elephant eaterROC 3
Legendary predator of elephantsROC 3
Mythical elephant-eating birdROC 3
Mythical predator of elephantsROC 3
Sinbad's giant egg-layerROC 3
Sinbad's transport, onceROC 3
Sindbad hid behind its eggROC 3
Enormous bird described by Marco PoloROC 3
Enemy in the 1980s arcade game ArabianROC 3
In a classic 1930s cartoon, Popeye serves it to Sindbad on a plateROC 3
Arabian-tale avianROC 3
Big bird of legendROC 3
Big bird of mythROC 3
Big bird of mythologyROC 3
Big bird of storiesROC 3
Bird of mythologyROC 3
Bird that harriedROC 3
Bird with giant talonsROC 3
Dutton's sitcom roleROC 3
Elephant abductorROC 3
Elephant-eating birdROC 3

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