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Answer RIOT – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Out-of-control situationRIOT 4
Post championship melee, maybeRIOT 4
Potential lockdown precederRIOT 4
Prelude to a prison lockdownRIOT 4
Prison-movie event, perhapsRIOT 4
Protest that gets out of handRIOT 4
Rampage through the streetsRIOT 4
Reaction from a bad crowd?RIOT 4
Read the ___ act (get tough)RIOT 4
Result of crowd control failureRIOT 4
Situation for rubber bulletsRIOT 4
Situation for water cannonsRIOT 4
Something wildly amusingRIOT 4
With "quiet," an oxymoronRIOT 4
Word after run or before gunRIOT 4
Word with "act" or "gear"RIOT 4
Wreak havoc in the streetsRIOT 4
Cause for calling in the National GuardRIOT 4
Response to the debut of Stravinsky's "Rite of Spring," e.g.RIOT 4
A laugh-a-minuteRIOT 4
A way not to run with 4 letters
A way not to runRIOT 4
Barrel of laughsRIOT 4
Be civilly disobedientRIOT 4
Brilliant displayRIOT 4
Bucket o' laughsRIOT 4
Burn and loot, e.g.RIOT 4
Cause for a lockdownRIOT 4
Cause of a lockdownRIOT 4
Cell block brawlRIOT 4
Cell block disorderRIOT 4
Cell block uprisingRIOT 4
Chaotic situationRIOT 4
Civil disturbanceRIOT 4
Class clown, for oneRIOT 4
Colorful profusionRIOT 4
Comedian who killsRIOT 4
Comedic sensationRIOT 4
Concert outbreakRIOT 4
Crowd out of controlRIOT 4
Demonstrate, in a wayRIOT 4
Disorderly brawlRIOT 4
Disorderly profusionRIOT 4
Disorderly way to runRIOT 4
Display mob mentalityRIOT 4
English act of 1715RIOT 4
Event for tear gasRIOT 4
Event in a prison movieRIOT 4
Haymarket event: 1886RIOT 4
Hilarious characterRIOT 4
Hilarious comedianRIOT 4

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