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Answer RICE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

cereal cropRICE 4
___ puddingRICE 4
49ers receiver JerryRICE 4
''Wild'' or ''brown'' foodRICE 4
''Aida'' lyricistRICE 4
''Lasher'' authorRICE 4
CerealRICE 4
StapleRICE 4
''The Vampire Lestat'' authorRICE 4
"Ammo" at weddingsRICE 4
"Missiles" at a weddingRICE 4
"Lasher" novelist AnneRICE 4
"Dirty" dishRICE 4
"Lasher" writerRICE 4
"Minute" dishRICE 4
"Minute" fareRICE 4
"Interview With the Vampire" authorRICE 4
"Beauty's Punishment" authorRICE 4
"Bitter ___" (Italian film)RICE 4
"We, the People" playwrightRICE 4
"Dancing With The Stars" competitor Jerry with 4 letters
"Dancing With The Stars" competitor JerryRICE 4
"Street Scene" playwrightRICE 4
"Dirty" Cajun dishRICE 4
'The Witching Hour' authorRICE 4
"The Vampire Armand" authorRICE 4
"The Vampire Lestat" author AnneRICE 4
A type of grass used to make a dessert puddingRICE 4
It's in the bridal shower, traditionallyRICE 4
Accompaniment for red beansRICE 4
Arroz con pollo ingredientRICE 4
Asia's most important cropRICE 4
Basmati or jasmine, e.g.RICE 4
Bowlful accompanying teriyakiRICE 4
Bush inner circle memberRICE 4
Cabinet appointee of 2005RICE 4
Chinese-restaurant stapleRICE 4
Condoleezza of the cabinetRICE 4
Dish sometimes made in a minuteRICE 4
Force through tiny holesRICE 4
Grain that's sometimes flungRICE 4
Grain used to make horchataRICE 4
Grantland of sports fameRICE 4
Grantland of sportswriting fameRICE 4
It may be grown for your sakeRICE 4
It may be served in a bedRICE 4
It may fill a paddy wagon?RICE 4
It may rain after a weddingRICE 4
It might be sticky or dirtyRICE 4
It's fermented to make sakeRICE 4
It's tossed after weddingsRICE 4

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