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Answer RETIRE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Head for the hills!"RETIRE 6
"Say good night, ___"RETIRE 6
Pay offRETIRE 6
What artist might do after farewell tourRETIRE 6
What kids don't like to do at a slumber partyRETIRE 6
What you want an old, terrible performer to doRETIRE 6
Advice to one who is superannuatedRETIRE 6
Quit before becoming superannuatedRETIRE 6
Receive a golden handshake, perhapsRETIRE 6
Call it a night or a dayRETIRE 6
Get a new set of radialsRETIRE 6
Give up work and go to bedRETIRE 6
Leave one's post, possiblyRETIRE 6
Replace shoes; head for bedRETIRE 6
Become a pensionerRETIRE 6
Call it a careerRETIRE 6
Conclude a careerRETIRE 6
Go out of business?RETIRE 6
Hang it up, so to speakRETIRE 6
Hang up one's cleatsRETIRE 6
Hang up one's jersey with 6 letters
Hang up one's jerseyRETIRE 6
Hang up the glovesRETIRE 6
Hang up the spikesRETIRE 6
Join the pensionersRETIRE 6
Leave at 70, e.g.RETIRE 6
Leave the work forceRETIRE 6
Opt for the gold watch?RETIRE 6
Put on the shelfRETIRE 6
Put out to pastureRETIRE 6
Quit for good, jobwiseRETIRE 6
Start drawing a pensionRETIRE 6
Stop using for goodRETIRE 6
Stop working at 65, sayRETIRE 6
Take out of circulationRETIRE 6
Turn in for the nightRETIRE 6
Verb linked to 65RETIRE 6
Withdraw, in a wayRETIRE 6
Bow (out)RETIRE 6
Call it a dayRETIRE 6
Call it a nightRETIRE 6
Call it quitsRETIRE 6
Fall back?RETIRE 6
Give groundRETIRE 6
Go on a pensionRETIRE 6
Go to bedRETIRE 6
Go to sleepRETIRE 6
Hang it upRETIRE 6
Head for bedRETIRE 6
Hit the hayRETIRE 6
Hit the sackRETIRE 6

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