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Answer REHAB – Crossword Puzzle Solver

12-step programREHAB 5
"They tried to make me go to ___..."REHAB 5
"They tried to make me go to ___, I said, 'no, no, no'" (Amy Winehouse lyrics)REHAB 5
"They tried to make me go to ___, I said, 'No, no, no.'"REHAB 5
"Drying out" programREHAB 5
"Get clean" programREHAB 5
2007 Amy Winehouse hitREHAB 5
Program that the figures at the end of the starred entries have in commonREHAB 5
Process that involves drying out, for shortREHAB 5
Addiction-treatment facility, brieflyREHAB 5
Common step between sickness and healthREHAB 5
Dislike covering left-winger (6)REHAB 5
Habit-kicking program, for shortREHAB 5
Physical therapist's work, for shortREHAB 5
Restoration of a sort, for shortREHAB 5
What an injured player goes throughREHAB 5
Where hard partier might spend a monthREHAB 5
Work done to leave the injured listREHAB 5
Work to get off the injured listREHAB 5
Addict's need, informallyREHAB 5
Addict's program, for short with 5 letters
Addict's program, for shortREHAB 5
Addict's program, in shortREHAB 5
Back-to-health program, brieflyREHAB 5
Back-to-health treatmentREHAB 5
Building restoration, for shortREHAB 5
Clinic doings, for shortREHAB 5
Clinic treatment, for shortREHAB 5
Cure for obsolescence, perhapsREHAB 5
Detox might happen during itREHAB 5
Drying-out facility, for shortREHAB 5
Drying-out period, brieflyREHAB 5
Drying-out place, familiarlyREHAB 5
Exercise may be part of itREHAB 5
Fixed-up property, for shortREHAB 5
Getting better, after "in"REHAB 5
Get-well spot, for shortREHAB 5
Goings-on at some clinicsREHAB 5
Healing treatment, brieflyREHAB 5
Home improvement projectREHAB 5
Housing project, for shortREHAB 5
Injured athlete's regimenREHAB 5
It might start with detoxREHAB 5
Mending process, informallyREHAB 5
Old building made new againREHAB 5
Physical therapy, brieflyREHAB 5
Physical therapy, in briefREHAB 5
Physical therapy, perhapsREHAB 5
Place for restor. of healthREHAB 5
Place to dry out, informallyREHAB 5
Place to get clean, for shortREHAB 5

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