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Answer REFS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

mediatorsREFS 4
CallsREFS 4
JudgesREFS 4
"Zebras," in sports slangREFS 4
"Zebras" on a gridironREFS 4
"Zebras," reallyREFS 4
'Zebras'REFS 4
UmpiresREFS 4
Ones on the field who aren't team players?REFS 4
Basketball officials, informallyREFS 4
Makes calls on a basketball courtREFS 4
Ones dressed in stripes, for shortREFS 4
They wear stripes and have whistlesREFS 4
Arena arbiters, for shortREFS 4
Boxing officials (abbr.)REFS 4
Field officials, brieflyREFS 4
Football officials, brieflyREFS 4
Football officials, for shortREFS 4
Gridiron arbiters, for shortREFS 4
Makes calls on the courtREFS 4
People who watch for foul play? with 4 letters
People who watch for foul play?REFS 4
Ring officials, for shortREFS 4
Some whistle-blowers, brieflyREFS 4
Sports officials, brieflyREFS 4
Sports officials, for shortREFS 4
They get paid to make callsREFS 4
They have stripes and whistlesREFS 4
They may stop the fightingREFS 4
They run up and down the courtREFS 4
They sometimes count to 10REFS 4
They whistle while they workREFS 4
Whistle-blowers, of a sortREFS 4
Wrestling officials, brieflyREFS 4
Yellow card issuers, brieflyREFS 4
They run after guys scoring TDsREFS 4
Arbiters, for shortREFS 4
Arbiters of playREFS 4
Arbiters of playsREFS 4
Arbitrators, for shortREFS 4
Basketball officialsREFS 4
Boxing officialsREFS 4
Calls, as a gameREFS 4
Calls the shots?REFS 4
Court call makersREFS 4
Ency. and dictionaryREFS 4
Encyc. and dict.REFS 4
Fight controllersREFS 4
Flag throwers, at timesREFS 4
Flag tossers, for shortREFS 4
Football field figuresREFS 4

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