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Answer REDO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

2nd take, in studioREDO 4
EmendREDO 4
ChangeREDO 4
ModifyREDO 4
RemakeREDO 4
RepeatREDO 4
UpdateREDO 4
"I changed my mind" on a computerREDO 4
"Try, try again"REDO 4
"Correct!"REDO 4
"Try again"REDO 4
"That was what I meant after all" commandREDO 4
"Trading Spaces" activityREDO 4
RemodelREDO 4
UpgradeREDO 4
Compromise after a disputed kickball callREDO 4
Furnish with new appliances and flooringREDO 4
Furnish with new appliances and flooring, e.g.REDO 4
Solution to playground umpiring impassesREDO 4
Windows command with the keyboard shortcut Control-YREDO 4
Completely make over in the studio with 4 letters
Completely make over in the studioREDO 4
Fix up the house with new thingsREDO 4
Move furniture and paint walls, sayREDO 4
Request after a failure, sometimesREDO 4
Change the colors of, sayREDO 4
Change the decorations ofREDO 4
Change the furnishings ofREDO 4
Change the style of, as a roomREDO 4
Change the wallpaper e.g.REDO 4
Change the wallpaper, perhapsREDO 4
Change the wallpaper, sayREDO 4
Get new drapes, rugs, etc.REDO 4
Give an extreme makeoverREDO 4
Give an extreme makeover toREDO 4
Give a whole new look toREDO 4
Go back to square one onREDO 4
Go back to the drawing boardREDO 4
Interior decorator's wordREDO 4
Make a change in the decorREDO 4
Note on some failed testsREDO 4
Perform a decorator's jobREDO 4
Put together differentlyREDO 4
Second draft, informallyREDO 4
Second serve, for exampleREDO 4
Start again from scratchREDO 4
Start over from square oneREDO 4
Take back to the drawing boardREDO 4
Try again from square oneREDO 4
Try again, from the startREDO 4
Vastly improve the decorREDO 4

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