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12 of these is the single-player record for an MLB gameRBIS 4
78-Across's 1,860, brieflyRBIS 4
"___ Lama Ding Dong" (1961 hit)RBIS 4
You can get no more than four of these at a timeRBIS 4
One of them is hidden in 17-, 25-, 30- and 45-AcrossRBIS 4
A bases-loaded triple earns you threeRBIS 4
Banks had many in the '50s and '60sRBIS 4
Diamond stat, incorrectly but commonlyRBIS 4
The three on a bases-loaded tripleRBIS 4
You can get four, max, with a big hitRBIS 4
Ballpark figures, brieflyRBIS 4
Cleanup hitters' forte (abbr.)RBIS 4
Grand slam quartet, brieflyRBIS 4
Homer's earnings, briefly?RBIS 4
Men driven home, brieflyRBIS 4
No. 4 hitter's specialtyRBIS 4
Results of cleanup work?RBIS 4
Results of some sacrificesRBIS 4
Slugger's successes, brieflyRBIS 4
Stat for getting people homeRBIS 4
Stats for cleanup hitters with 4 letters
Stats for cleanup hittersRBIS 4
The most from one hit is fourRBIS 4
What pitchers hate to give upRBIS 4
Stats first tracked by the Buffalo BisonsRBIS 4
A grand slam earns four: Abbr.RBIS 4
Baseball stat for which Hack Wilson holds the most for a single seasonRBIS 4
Aaron got 2,297 of themRBIS 4
Aaron specialtiesRBIS 4
Ballpark figure?RBIS 4
Ballpark figures?RBIS 4
Baseball card statRBIS 4
Baseball card statsRBIS 4
Baseball-card stats.RBIS 4
Baseball scoring statsRBIS 4
Baseball slugging statsRBIS 4
Baseball tallies: abbr.RBIS 4
Batter's stats (abbr.)RBIS 4
Box-score entriesRBIS 4
Cleanup hitter's goalsRBIS 4
Cleanup hitter's statsRBIS 4
Cleanup hitters' statsRBIS 4
Clean-up man's forteRBIS 4
Clutch hitters' fortesRBIS 4
Clutch hitter's statRBIS 4
Clutch hitter's statsRBIS 4
Diamondback statsRBIS 4
Diamond production?RBIS 4
Driving-home resultsRBIS 4
Driving-home statRBIS 4
Fantasy baseball statRBIS 4

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