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Answer RACE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Basis for a discrimination claimRACE 4
It may concern arms or contain legsRACE 4
Optional section on some applicationsRACE 4
What dragsters and some hearts doRACE 4
Word with ''horse'' or ''human''RACE 4
A long one may have legsRACE 4
Artificial water channelRACE 4
Beat quickly, as a heartRACE 4
Beat too fast, like a heartRACE 4
Both hearts and minds can do itRACE 4
Compete against the clockRACE 4
Competition for a pennantRACE 4
Competition for the swiftRACE 4
Exceed the speed limit, maybeRACE 4
Hearts and minds can do itRACE 4
Indianapolis 500, for oneRACE 4
It may be on its last legRACE 4
It starts and ends with a lineRACE 4
Metaphor for an urgent needRACE 4
No place for a false startRACE 4
One may be on its last leg with 4 letters
One may be on its last legRACE 4
Political competition, e.g.RACE 4
Tortoise-and-hare affairRACE 4
Track and field activityRACE 4
Try to beat to the finish lineRACE 4
Unscientific human groupingRACE 4
What a lover's heart may doRACE 4
What hearts sometimes doRACE 4
Word with "arms" or "drag"RACE 4
Word with "arms" or "foot"RACE 4
Word with "course" or "horse"RACE 4
Word with drag and potatoRACE 4
Word with ''human'' and ''rat''RACE 4
Word with human or horseRACE 4
Word with rat or three-leggedRACE 4
Aqueduct featureRACE 4
Battle the clockRACE 4
Beat fast, as a heartRACE 4
Biological varietyRACE 4
Camptown activityRACE 4
Caucasian, for oneRACE 4
Census form infoRACE 4
Census form queryRACE 4
Certain subspeciesRACE 4
Compete in a meetRACE 4
Compete, in a wayRACE 4
Compete on a trackRACE 4
Competition on footRACE 4
Contest of speedRACE 4
Dash, for exampleRACE 4

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