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___ meetingPTA 3
'68 smash "Harper Valley ___" (Abbr.)PTA 3
1968 hit "Harper Valley ___"PTA 3
''Every child. One voice'' org.PTA 3
"Every child. One voice." org.PTA 3
"Harper Valley ___" (hit of 1968)PTA 3
"Harper Valley ___," 1978 filmPTA 3
"Harper Valley ___" (1968 Jeannie C. Riley hit)PTA 3
"Harper Valley _____"PTA 3
"Harper Valley" groupPTA 3
"The Master" director, familiarlyPTA 3
"The Master" director, casuallyPTA 3
National grp. since 1897 that elected its first male head in 2009PTA 3
National org. that installed its first male president in 2009PTA 3
National org. with the slogan "every child. one voice"PTA 3
Grp. that rarely meets during the summerPTA 3
Meetings touring rockers dads rarely makePTA 3
Org. that usually has a fall start-up meetingPTA 3
Educational org. founded in 1897PTA 3
Gp. concerned with class struggles?PTA 3
Gp. that might support summer reading with 3 letters
Gp. that might support summer readingPTA 3
Gp. that supports summer readingPTA 3
Gp. with students' interests at heartPTA 3
Group that usu. meets at a schoolPTA 3
Grp. involved in back-to-school nightPTA 3
Grp. with students' interests at heartPTA 3
Link between home and school, brieflyPTA 3
Not just a pop group, for short?PTA 3
Org. for moms, pops, and pedagoguesPTA 3
Org. linking teachers and parentsPTA 3
Org. that deals with class issues?PTA 3
Org. that usually meets in the eveningPTA 3
School carnival sponsor, perhapsPTA 3
School org. with bakesales and suchPTA 3
Sp. currency replaced by the euroPTA 3
School carnival planner, perhaps: Abbr.PTA 3
School gp. that sometimes has an "S" added to its namePTA 3
After-school meeting org.PTA 3
Back-to-school night grp.PTA 3
Back-to-school night org.PTA 3
Bake sale group, perhapsPTA 3
Bake sale organizer, for shortPTA 3
Bake sale organizer, maybePTA 3
Bake sale sponsor, brieflyPTA 3
Bake sale sponsor, sometimesPTA 3
Collaborative educ. groupPTA 3
Concerned citizens' grp.PTA 3
Education auxiliary org.PTA 3
Education-conscious org.PTA 3
Female-dominated education gp.PTA 3

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