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Answer PRIDE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"___ goeth before a fall"PRIDE 5
height, loftinessPRIDE 5
___ and joyPRIDE 5
"___ and Prejudice"PRIDE 5
____ GayPRIDE 5
"'Tis ___ that pulls the country down": "Othello"PRIDE 5
''The ___ of the Yankees''PRIDE 5
FlowerPRIDE 5
HubrisPRIDE 5
VanityPRIDE 5
"That invisible bone that keeps the neck stiff," according to Stephen KingPRIDE 5
"A whizzing rocket that would emulate a star," per WordsworthPRIDE 5
"Prejudice" partner in literaturePRIDE 5
"The never failing vice of fools": PopePRIDE 5
"The possession of fools": HerodotusPRIDE 5
"Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'" county singerPRIDE 5
Charley, the country music legendPRIDE 5
It often goes before a fall, it's saidPRIDE 5
Charlie ___, country singerPRIDE 5
Feeling of accomplishmentPRIDE 5
Feeling of personal worth with 5 letters
Feeling of personal worthPRIDE 5
It goeth before destructionPRIDE 5
It results from work well donePRIDE 5
One of the seven deadly sinsPRIDE 5
One reason for not apologizingPRIDE 5
Reason for not apologizingPRIDE 5
This often precedes a fallPRIDE 5
You may be bursting with itPRIDE 5
What "ruined the angels," per Ralph Waldo EmersonPRIDE 5
Bwana's sightingPRIDE 5
Collection of lionsPRIDE 5
Company of lionsPRIDE 5
Fall cometh after thisPRIDE 5
Fall's precursorPRIDE 5
First deadly sinPRIDE 5
First of a no-no septetPRIDE 5
Group in a junglePRIDE 5
Group that roarsPRIDE 5
Hard thing to swallowPRIDE 5
It goes before a fallPRIDE 5
It goeth before a fallPRIDE 5
It's hard, to swallowPRIDE 5
Lions, collectivelyPRIDE 5
One of an evil sevenPRIDE 5
One of the deadly sinsPRIDE 5
Pack of big catsPRIDE 5
Pre-fall feeling?PRIDE 5
Prejudice's companionPRIDE 5
Serengeti roarersPRIDE 5
Target of many a woundPRIDE 5

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