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18th-century translator of HomerPOPE 4
religious leaderPOPE 4
18th-century poet AlexanderPOPE 4
''Essay on Man'' writerPOPE 4
"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread" writerPOPE 4
"Fools rush in" sourcePOPE 4
"Pastorals" poetPOPE 4
"Urbi et orbi" speakerPOPE 4
"Essay on Man" authorPOPE 4
"Essay on Man" poetPOPE 4
"Windsor Forest " poetPOPE 4
"Rape of the Lock" poetPOPE 4
"Prison Break" wardenPOPE 4
"Wicked Wasp of Twickenham"POPE 4
PontiffPOPE 4
"The Dunciad" poetPOPE 4
"An Essay on Criticism" essayistPOPE 4
"An Essay on Criticism" authorPOPE 4
"An Essay on Criticism" writerPOPE 4
"An Essay on Man" poet AlexanderPOPE 4
Tiara-wearing man who's not entirely comfortable with homosexuality with 4 letters
Tiara-wearing man who's not entirely comfortable with homosexualityPOPE 4
Poet who warned about "a little learning"POPE 4
The most recent one was inaugurated in 2005POPE 4
World leader with an eponymous "mobile"POPE 4
Writer who popularized the saying "To err is human, to forgive divine"POPE 4
First name in square paintersPOPE 4
Historic resignee of 2013POPE 4
Source of infallible teachingsPOPE 4
Vatican election of 2005POPE 4
Wearer of a triple tiaraPOPE 4
It can precede or follow AlexanderPOPE 4
Alexander the poetPOPE 4
Alexander was the fifthPOPE 4
Benedict, for onePOPE 4
Cardinals' manager?POPE 4
English satiristPOPE 4
Francis, for onePOPE 4
Homer translatorPOPE 4
Innocent, for onePOPE 4
Leader of the masses?POPE 4
One who pontiff-icates?POPE 4
Swift contemporaryPOPE 4
Urban, for examplePOPE 4
Venerated visitorPOPE 4
Wearer of a famous ringPOPE 4
One guarded by the Swiss GuardPOPE 4
Olivia's last name on "Scandal"POPE 4
He sometimes stays at Castel GandolfoPOPE 4
Leader who wears the Ring of the FishermanPOPE 4
Poet who wrote "Hope springs eternal in the human breast"POPE 4

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