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"___ face!"POKER 5
DevourPOKER 5
"Card" gamePOKER 5
<--- Gambling gamePOKER 5
Jabber?POKER 5
"World Series" gamePOKER 5
"The Odd Couple" card gamePOKER 5
Game that can follow the first part of this puzzle's four longest answersPOKER 5
Game played with a straight...or a straight facePOKER 5
Card game that's a hint to today's themePOKER 5
Cincinnati and lowball are versions of thisPOKER 5
Game played by dogs in kitschy paintingsPOKER 5
Activity that involves seeing people?POKER 5
Card game with televised tournamentsPOKER 5
Game involving drawing and foldingPOKER 5
Game played with a straight facePOKER 5
Game that might involve a show of handsPOKER 5
Whence the phrase "pass the buck"POKER 5
Game for the start of 17 and 65-Across, 11 and 34-DownPOKER 5
Baseball is a form of itPOKER 5
Ends with a show of hands with 5 letters
Ends with a show of handsPOKER 5
Game with straights and flushesPOKER 5
Game with televised tournamentsPOKER 5
It ends with a show of handsPOKER 5
It may involve cash on hand?POKER 5
Often-televised card gamePOKER 5
Tool next to a shovel, maybePOKER 5
Draw or strip ___POKER 5
Fireplace adjunctPOKER 5
Gamblers' holdingsPOKER 5
Game having pairsPOKER 5
Game with a kittyPOKER 5
Game with straightsPOKER 5
Game with "tells"POKER 5
Hand-raising activity?POKER 5
Hands on the tablePOKER 5
High-stakes gamePOKER 5
It may involve drawingPOKER 5
Logroller, in a wayPOKER 5
Texas hold 'em, e.g.POKER 5
This puzzle's themePOKER 5
Word with chip or facePOKER 5
Word with face or handPOKER 5
Game featured in "Maverick"POKER 5
Card game seen on TVPOKER 5
Contest game in Las VegasPOKER 5
Game often seen on ESPNPOKER 5
Betting gamePOKER 5
Bluffer's gamePOKER 5
Cardroom gamePOKER 5

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