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Answer POEM – Crossword Puzzle Solver

2009 inauguration recitationPOEM 4
49-Down, for onePOEM 4
58 Down, for onePOEM 4
59-Across, for onePOEM 4
EpodePOEM 4
RhymePOEM 4
VersePOEM 4
''Little Jack Horner'' is onePOEM 4
BalladPOEM 4
SonnetPOEM 4
"A ___ is never finished, only abandoned": Paul ValéryPOEM 4
"A ___ should not mean / But be": MacLeishPOEM 4
"Evangeline," for onePOEM 4
"Jabberwocky," for onePOEM 4
"Odyssey," for onePOEM 4
"Thanatopsis," e.g.POEM 4
"Trees," for onePOEM 4
"Lamia" is onePOEM 4
"Ulalume," e.g.POEM 4
"Patterns" or "Birches"POEM 4
"Casey at the Bat," for instance with 4 letters
"Casey at the Bat," for instancePOEM 4
"Casey at the Bat," for onePOEM 4
"Funeral Blues," for onePOEM 4
___ -LayPOEM 4
TrioletPOEM 4
"Auld Lang Syne," e.g.POEM 4
"The Highwayman," for onePOEM 4
"The Raven," e.g.POEM 4
"The Raven" or "Evangeline"POEM 4
"The Waste Land," e.g.POEM 4
"To Autumn," for onePOEM 4
"A Dream Within a Dream," e.g.POEM 4
It's never finished, only abandoned, per Paul ValéryPOEM 4
Feet are divisions of a meter in thisPOEM 4
In it, feet are divisions of a meterPOEM 4
It may be measured in feet and metersPOEM 4
It's less lovely than a tree, to KilmerPOEM 4
Beautiful lyrics, to somePOEM 4
Browning bread and butter?POEM 4
Browning meat and potatoes?POEM 4
Feature of many a sympathy cardPOEM 4
Greeting card feature, oftenPOEM 4
Greeting-card innards, oftenPOEM 4
Greeting-card writing, oftenPOEM 4
Hallmark card text, oftenPOEM 4
Item for a meter reader?POEM 4
It has been compared to a treePOEM 4
It may be measured by a meterPOEM 4
It may consist of coupletsPOEM 4

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