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Answer PIE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

___ in the sky (empty wish)PIE 3
___ chartPIE 3
_____-eyedPIE 3
___ in the skyPIE 3
PattyPIE 3
JumblePIE 3
PastryPIE 3
"American ___" (1999 sex comedy)PIE 3
"It's easy ___!"PIE 3
"Hillbillies" band Hot Apple ___PIE 3
"American ___" (1999 Jason Biggs movie)PIE 3
"National Velvet" horse, with "The"PIE 3
"National Velvet" horsePIE 3
'Trivial Pursuit' piecePIE 3
"Bye bye Miss American ___"PIE 3
CobblerPIE 3
Mud ___PIE 3
Dish that's a homonym for a number that relates to its shapePIE 3
Hurled prop that might be made with shaving creamPIE 3
Dessert that ties into the puzzle's themePIE 3
Item often found cooling on a window sill with 3 letters
Item often found cooling on a window sillPIE 3
A clown might get it in the facePIE 3
A mathematicians favorite dessert?PIE 3
Baked good sometimes thrown at a facePIE 3
Dessert served in triangular slicesPIE 3
Four-and-twenty blackbirds' placePIE 3
Home to four-and-twenty blackbirdsPIE 3
It's just below the upper crust?PIE 3
Place for 24 blackbirds, in versePIE 3
Projectile in some political actsPIE 3
Representation of a budget, oftenPIE 3
The three little kittens' rewardPIE 3
You might throw it in someone's facePIE 3
Last word of the theme song to "The Jeffersons"PIE 3
Apple or banana cream dessertPIE 3
Apple or cherry creationPIE 3
Apple or coconut cream ___PIE 3
A wedge might come out of itPIE 3
Blackbirds' enclosure in rhymePIE 3
Cherry or blueberry itemPIE 3
Cherry or pizza creationPIE 3
Comedy staple that goes "splat"PIE 3
Dainty dish of blackbirdsPIE 3
Dessert served in wedgesPIE 3
Divisible whole, figurativelyPIE 3
Easy thing, proverbiallyPIE 3
Enterprise, figurativelyPIE 3
Financial chart metaphorPIE 3
It can be eaten a la modePIE 3
It may have a crimped crustPIE 3

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