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Answer PETS – Crossword Puzzle Solver

10-Across concernsPETS 4
SnitsPETS 4
SulksPETS 4
PiquesPETS 4
"No ___ allowed"PETS 4
CossetsPETS 4
DeariesPETS 4
FondlesPETS 4
GentlesPETS 4
StrokesPETS 4
They're said to lower one's blood pressurePETS 4
You may find some lying around the housePETS 4
Cats, canaries, hamsters and othersPETS 4
Plural noun in most apartment leasesPETS 4
Strokes ... or ones getting strokedPETS 4
Subject heading in a hotel brochurePETS 4
These are banned by some landlordsPETS 4
They might not be allowed in apartmentsPETS 4
They're non grata at some motelsPETS 4
They're non grata in some placesPETS 4
They're often unwelcome at motels with 4 letters
They're often unwelcome at motelsPETS 4
Animals with collars, oftenPETS 4
Cats and dogs, for examplePETS 4
Cats, dogs, goldfish, etc.PETS 4
Cockatoos and cocker spanielsPETS 4
Contents of some carry-onsPETS 4
Furry or feathered friendsPETS 4
Goldfish, gerbils and suchPETS 4
Hamsters, guppies et al.PETS 4
Hotels usually don't allow themPETS 4
Letterman's 'trick' performersPETS 4
Lizards and hamsters, for somePETS 4
Lizards and snakes, for somePETS 4
Many four-footed friendsPETS 4
Members of many householdsPETS 4
Motel prohibitions, oftenPETS 4
No-no in some apartmentsPETS 4
No-nos at some rental homesPETS 4
Parakeets and hamsters, e.g.PETS 4
Rental home no-no, oftenPETS 4
Rental home no-nos, maybePETS 4
Some resort prohibitionsPETS 4
Strokes ... or ones strokedPETS 4
Subject of a hotel policyPETS 4
They may be indoor or outdoorPETS 4
They may lie around the housePETS 4
They sometimes require sittersPETS 4
Veterinarian's clientelePETS 4
Adopt-a-thon adopteesPETS 4
Adoptees from sheltersPETS 4

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