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Answer PERU – Crossword Puzzle Solver

26 Across habitatPERU 4
28-Across's landPERU 4
33-Down's home todayPERU 4
24-Down town where Cole Porter was bornPERU 4
7 Down memberPERU 4
''Kon-Tiki'' embarkation countryPERU 4
"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" settingPERU 4
"The Motorcycle Diaries" settingPERU 4
"The Bridge of San Luis Rey" settingPERU 4
The charango is this country's national instrumentPERU 4
Country with a vicuña on its coat of armsPERU 4
Country with the world's highest railroadPERU 4
Indiana city named for a foreign countryPERU 4
Country with the westernmost point in mainland South AmericaPERU 4
Arequipa is its second-largest cityPERU 4
Country with the highest railroadPERU 4
Its coat of arms includes a vicuñaPERU 4
Its national animal is the vicuñaPERU 4
Its state flag features a vicuñaPERU 4
Nation with a vicuña on its flagPERU 4
Site of a recent magnitude 8 earthquake with 4 letters
Site of a recent magnitude 8 earthquakePERU 4
Country whose languages include QuechuaPERU 4
Country located in what was once the Inca EmpirePERU 4
Indiana town that's home to the International Circus Hall of FamePERU 4
A vicuña is on its coat of armsPERU 4
Callao is its chief portPERU 4
Chile's northern neighborPERU 4
Country that's almost pure?PERU 4
Ecuador's neighbor to the southPERU 4
Home to llamas and vicuñasPERU 4
Its coat of arms shows a vicunaPERU 4
Its currency is the nuevo solPERU 4
Its flag features a vicunaPERU 4
Its flag has a vicuña on itPERU 4
Land of llamas and llanosPERU 4
Make a long story short?PERU 4
Quechua-speaking countryPERU 4
Where the nuevo sol is spentPERU 4
Where to spend a nuevo solPERU 4
Where the 2003 true-life film "Touching the Void" is setPERU 4
Opening scene locale in "Raiders of the Lost Ark"PERU 4
One of the losers in the War of the PacificPERU 4
It borders the state of AmazonasPERU 4
Where the source of the Amazon isPERU 4
Indiana city nicknamed "The Circus Capital of the World"PERU 4
Alpaca's habitatPERU 4
Altiplano localePERU 4
Amazonian countryPERU 4
Andean territoryPERU 4
Atahualpa's countryPERU 4

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