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Answer PEA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Coat type, for a navy manPEA 3
Elusive object in a shell gamePEA 3
Fabled sleep-disturbing veggiePEA 3
Fairy tale mattress lumpPEA 3
Fairy-tale sensitivity testerPEA 3
Fairy-tale sleep disturberPEA 3
Fried rice tidbit, perhapsPEA 3
Ingredient in some hummusPEA 3
Insomnia cause for a princessPEA 3
Insomnia cause, in a fairy talePEA 3
Item in a thimblerig gamePEA 3
It may be split at a restaurantPEA 3
It may be split for soupPEA 3
It might have a black eyePEA 3
It rattles around in a whistlePEA 3
It's accessed by shuckingPEA 3
It's the size of a small brainPEA 3
Kid's "shooter" projectilePEA 3
Kind of jacket or shooterPEA 3
Kind of nut, brain or shooterPEA 3
Object that'll wake a princess with 3 letters
Object that'll wake a princessPEA 3
One with a black eye, perhapsPEA 3
Pellet for a certain shooterPEA 3
Princess' annoyance, in fablePEA 3
Princess' insomnia causePEA 3
Princess insomnia sourcePEA 3
Princess's annoyance, in fablePEA 3
Princess's insomnia causePEA 3
Princess's mattress itemPEA 3
Princess's nighttime problemPEA 3
Princess's sleep disturberPEA 3
Princess's sleeping problemPEA 3
Proverbial brain size for somePEA 3
Sleep disturber, possiblyPEA 3
Sleepless princess' banePEA 3
Something split for soupPEA 3
Soup vegetable, sometimesPEA 3
Source of royal insomniaPEA 3
Space cadet's brain size?PEA 3
Spoiler of a princess's sleepPEA 3
Storied princess identifierPEA 3
Storied princess's annoyancePEA 3
Veggie burger ingredientPEA 3
Vexation for a fabled princessPEA 3
Wasabi-coated snack morselPEA 3
Wasabi-coated snack veggiePEA 3
Word after chick and before henPEA 3
Word before pod and after sweetPEA 3
Word with black or chickPEA 3
Word with brain or shooterPEA 3

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