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Answer PAROLE – Crossword Puzzle Solver

dischargePAROLE 6
It may come before the end of a sentencePAROLE 6
Release requiring regular reportingPAROLE 6
Conditional release from prisonPAROLE 6
Con's conditional releasePAROLE 6
End of a sentence, maybePAROLE 6
Freedom that may be grantedPAROLE 6
Free with some conditionsPAROLE 6
Good way to finish a sentence?PAROLE 6
Hope for a good boy in jailPAROLE 6
It can shorten a sentencePAROLE 6
Let out of prison conditionallyPAROLE 6
One way to get out of jailPAROLE 6
Out for someone on the insidePAROLE 6
Prisoner's conditional releasePAROLE 6
Prisoner's monitored releasePAROLE 6
Prison escape, in a sensePAROLE 6
Prison sentence shortenerPAROLE 6
Release from joint custody?PAROLE 6
Release with supervisionPAROLE 6
Sentence concluder, sometimes with 6 letters
Sentence concluder, sometimesPAROLE 6
Sentence follower, sometimesPAROLE 6
Turn loose, provisionallyPAROLE 6
Conditional freedomPAROLE 6
Conditionally releasePAROLE 6
Conditional releasePAROLE 6
Con's out, sometimesPAROLE 6
Correctional methodPAROLE 6
End of a sentence?PAROLE 6
Free conditionallyPAROLE 6
Freedom of a sortPAROLE 6
Get out of the can?PAROLE 6
Good-behavior rewardPAROLE 6
Inmate's early releasePAROLE 6
Let go, in a wayPAROLE 6
Let out conditionallyPAROLE 6
Let out, in a wayPAROLE 6
Let out of jail earlyPAROLE 6
Let out of the can?PAROLE 6
Limited release?PAROLE 6
Pen release mechanism?PAROLE 6
Prisoner's rewardPAROLE 6
Qualified releasePAROLE 6
Release, in a wayPAROLE 6
Sentence abbreviatorPAROLE 6
Sentence curtailmentPAROLE 6
Sentence shortenerPAROLE 6
Spring from a pen?PAROLE 6
Supervised time outPAROLE 6
Red finally got one at ShawshankPAROLE 6

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