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Answer PAR – Crossword Puzzle Solver

Excellent drivers often break itPAR 3
Five, four or three, on the linksPAR 3
Golf score between bogey and birdiePAR 3
Good score, if the course is toughPAR 3
It's frequently broken by golfersPAR 3
Professional drivers usually break itPAR 3
Score between a birdie and a bogeyPAR 3
Some shoot it and others break itPAR 3
What excellent drivers often breakPAR 3
An eagle is two under thisPAR 3
Average score on the linksPAR 3
Between a bogey and a birdiePAR 3
Between birdie and bogeyPAR 3
Certain swingers try to make itPAR 3
Conclusion of a drive, perhapsPAR 3
Conclusion to a drive, perhapsPAR 3
Desirable number of strokesPAR 3
Figure on a golf scorecardPAR 3
Figure to shoot for, in golfPAR 3
Goal for many club swingersPAR 3
Golfer's goal, at the least with 3 letters
Golfer's goal, at the leastPAR 3
Golf pros often break itPAR 3
Golf pros regularly break itPAR 3
Golf score that may be "saved"PAR 3
It can be for the coursePAR 3
It may be shot by a sportsmanPAR 3
It may be shot in the openPAR 3
It may not be easy to shootPAR 3
It's better than a bogeyPAR 3
It's good if you can break itPAR 3
It's good to break on the linksPAR 3
It's good to shoot under itPAR 3
It's often two, in mini golfPAR 3
It's something to shoot forPAR 3
It's two more than an eaglePAR 3
It's typically 72 for a coursePAR 3
It's usually between 3 and 5PAR 3
One higher than a birdiePAR 3
One of nine numbers on a cardPAR 3
Possible skins game winnerPAR 3
Result of two-putting, perhapsPAR 3
Score between birdie and bogeyPAR 3
Securities' nominal valuePAR 3
Something one might try out forPAR 3
Something that's good to breakPAR 3
Something to be broken or shotPAR 3
Something to break or shootPAR 3
Something to shoot for in golfPAR 3
Something to try to shootPAR 3
So-so score for the coursePAR 3

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