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Answer OTTER – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Fur ___"OTTER 5
"Wind in the Willow" characterOTTER 5
"Wind in the Willows" animalOTTER 5
"Wind in the Willows "characterOTTER 5
"Ring of Bright Water" animalOTTER 5
"Ring of Bright Water" creatureOTTER 5
"Ring of Bright Water" critterOTTER 5
"Animal House" characterOTTER 5
"Animal House" frat brotherOTTER 5
"Animal House" animalOTTER 5
"Animal House" brotherOTTER 5
"Animal House" fratmanOTTER 5
"Animal House" monikerOTTER 5
"Animal House" nicknameOTTER 5
"Animal House" roleOTTER 5
"___ River"OTTER 5
"___ Sea"OTTER 5
Animal that eats while floating on its backOTTER 5
Animal known for its playful behaviorOTTER 5
Animal that may swim on its backOTTER 5
Expert swimmer of the weasel family with 5 letters
Expert swimmer of the weasel familyOTTER 5
Kind of board tied to a trawl netOTTER 5
One who might make a run on the banksOTTER 5
Playful swimmer hunted for its furOTTER 5
Animal cavorting by a streamOTTER 5
Animal that plays along streamsOTTER 5
Carnivorous aquatic mammalOTTER 5
Freshwater carnivorous mammalOTTER 5
Fur-bearing freshwater mammalOTTER 5
Furry frolicker in the waterOTTER 5
Mammal known for tobogganingOTTER 5
Marine mammal with webbed pawsOTTER 5
Member of the weasel familyOTTER 5
One in the weasel familyOTTER 5
Part of a trawler's gearOTTER 5
Playful riverbank dwellerOTTER 5
Sleek, fur-covered swimmerOTTER 5
Tall, slim, and hairy gay manOTTER 5
Web-footed weasel, sort ofOTTER 5
Wolverine's playful cousinOTTER 5
Flounder's frat brother in "Animal House"OTTER 5
Sea ___, denizen of the North PacificOTTER 5
Amphibious mammalOTTER 5
Amusing zoo creatureOTTER 5
Animal in a lodgeOTTER 5
Animal that has kittensOTTER 5
Animal that has pupsOTTER 5
Animal with webbed pawsOTTER 5
Aquatic fish-eaterOTTER 5
Aquatic frolickerOTTER 5

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