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"___ en paz, fierro en guerra" (motto of San Francisco)ORO 3
"___ y plata" (motto of Montana)ORO 3
79th element, in El SalvadorORO 3
"___ y plata"ORO 3
"___ y plata" (Montana's motto)ORO 3
''__ y Plata'' (Montana motto)ORO 3
38-Down, in DurangoORO 3
"___ y Plata" (Mont. motto)ORO 3
"___ y Plata," Mont.'s mottoORO 3
"Colección de ___" (2002 Shakira album)ORO 3
"El tiempo es ___" (Spanish proverb)ORO 3
"X ___?" (Tic-tac-toe choice)ORO 3
It's next to mercurio in the tabla periódica de los elementosORO 3
An atom of it has 79 protones and 118 neutronesORO 3
Element below plata in the periodic tableORO 3
Metal whose purity is measured in quilatesORO 3
What plomo is transformed into in alquimiaORO 3
Cagayan de ___ (provincial capital of the Philippines)ORO 3
Colour of premium credit cards issued by Mexican banks, probablyORO 3
Element between platino and mercurio in the Spanish periodic tableORO 3
It might be struck south of the border with 3 letters
It might be struck south of the borderORO 3
Its purity is measured in quilatesORO 3
Material for a first-place medallaORO 3
Object of a conquistador's questORO 3
Prize higher than plata or bronceORO 3
Salvaged booty from a galeón, perhapsORO 3
Stella d'___ (brand of breadsticks)ORO 3
Target of a conquistador's questORO 3
Treasure sought by conquistadoresORO 3
Siglo de ___ (cultural epoch in Spain)ORO 3
Classification for some popular Spanish musicORO 3
Au, en la tabla periódicaORO 3
Facial or graphic precederORO 3
Facial or metric precederORO 3
Gold, in them thar cerrosORO 3
Gold in them thar "colinas"ORO 3
Gold, in them there cerrosORO 3
Gold, south of the borderORO 3
Gold, to some treasure huntersORO 3
Graphic or genesis precederORO 3
Iberian wedding band materialORO 3
It has one stable isótopoORO 3
It's námero atómico is 79ORO 3
Its nuclei have 79 protonesORO 3
It's sought by conquistadoresORO 3
Metal sought by conquistadoresORO 3
Montana's motto "___ y plata"ORO 3
Pizarro's object of pursuitORO 3
Pizarro's palindromic pelfORO 3
Prefix with nasal or facialORO 3

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