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Answer ORES – Crossword Puzzle Solver

LodesORES 4
MetalsORES 4
'Rocks'ORES 4
"Raw" materialORES 4
NastiesORES 4
Hidden treasures (found in the middles of 17-, 26-, 45-, and 60-Across)ORES 4
They may be found in prospectors' sectorsORES 4
Natural combinations of mineralsORES 4
Pitchblende and cassiterite, for twoORES 4
Rhodochrosite and orpiment, e.g.ORES 4
Sphalerite and tantalite, for twoORES 4
They may be driven to extractionORES 4
They're found in pockets and seamsORES 4
They're found in prospectors' sectorsORES 4
They're the reason we search in vein?ORES 4
Youthmovies song about mining finds?ORES 4
Arsenopyrite and feldsparORES 4
Azurite and cuprite, e.g.ORES 4
Bauxite and cinnabar, e.g.ORES 4
Bauxite and columbite, e.g.ORES 4
Bauxite and stibnite, e.g. with 4 letters
Bauxite and stibnite, e.g.ORES 4
Candidates for refinementORES 4
Cinnabar and bauxite, e.g.ORES 4
Cinnabar, taconite, etc.ORES 4
Contents of some depositsORES 4
Galena and bauxite, for twoORES 4
Galena and beryl, for twoORES 4
Galena and hematite, e.g.ORES 4
Galena and mispickel, e.g.ORES 4
Groundbreaking discoveries?ORES 4
Hematite and cinnabar, e.g.ORES 4
Holders of buried treasuresORES 4
Ilmenite and chalcopyriteORES 4
Iron and manganese, e.g.ORES 4
Metallurgist's materialsORES 4
Metallurgist's raw materialsORES 4
Mineralogist's sample setORES 4
Mispickel and bauxite, e.g.ORES 4
Molybdenite and cinnabar, e.g.ORES 4
Ones in need of refinementORES 4
Pitchblende and cassiteriteORES 4
Pitchblende and cinnabarORES 4
Pitchblende and tinstoneORES 4
Power shovel excavationsORES 4
Some have a silver liningORES 4
Some search for these in vein?ORES 4
Sought-after rock group?ORES 4
Sources of iron and manganeseORES 4
Strikes that please mine ownersORES 4
These can be found in pocketsORES 4

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