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Answer OREO – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"...a kid'll eat the middle of an ___ first"OREO 4
___ balls (chocolate covered treats)OREO 4
______ blizzard (dairy queen offering)OREO 4
"100 years young" cookieOREO 4
___ balls (chocolaty snacks)OREO 4
100-year-old cookieOREO 4
100-year-old snackOREO 4
101-year old cookieOREO 4
90-year-old cookieOREO 4
95-year-old cookieOREO 4
___ crumblesOREO 4
SnackOREO 4
''Milk's favorite cookie,'' according to adsOREO 4
8 Down Cookies 'N Creme ingredientOREO 4
"Dark, delicious cookie" of ad jingle fameOREO 4
"Milk's favorite cookie," in commercialsOREO 4
"Milk's favorite cookie" sloganeerOREO 4
"Biscuit" introduced in 1912OREO 4
"Wonderfilled" brandOREO 4
"Wonderfilled" cookieOREO 4
"Celebrate the Kid Inside" treat with 4 letters
"Celebrate the Kid Inside" treatOREO 4
"Double Stuf" cookieOREO 4
"Double Stuf" treatOREO 4
"Milk's Favorite Cookie"OREO 4
BiscuitOREO 4
"Creme Sandwich" cookieOREO 4
"Got Milk?" ad partnerOREO 4
"Uh-Oh!" cookieOREO 4
"___ Cookie Blues" (Lonnie Mack song)OREO 4
Cookie with a disgusting-sounding, limited-time watermelon flavorOREO 4
Cookie that received its kosher certification in late 1997OREO 4
Its ingredient list starts with sugar and ends with chocolateOREO 4
Crunchy sandwich with debatable nutritional valueOREO 4
Traditional ingredient in cookies and cream ice creamOREO 4
Food associated with the starts of 16-, 36- and 56-AcrossOREO 4
Addictive cookie, according to a 2013 studyOREO 4
Cookie celebrating its centennial in 2012OREO 4
Cookie that celebrated its centennial this yearOREO 4
Cookie that now has a "cookie dough" flavorOREO 4
Cookie that recently celebrated its centennialOREO 4
Cookie that's one year older than crosswordsOREO 4
Cookie whose embossed design is trademarkedOREO 4
Each one has two colors and three layersOREO 4
Food item whose name appears on its sideOREO 4
Snack that's been a kosher food since 1998OREO 4
Snack whose ingredient list ends with chocolateOREO 4
Treat celebrating its 100th birthday in 2012OREO 4
Cookie sandwiched inside 17-, 24-, 42-, and 56-AcrossOREO 4
It's "sandwiched" in 17-, 23-, 35-, 45- and 56-AcrossOREO 4
A kid'll eat the middle of it firstOREO 4

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