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"... the inconstant moon ... that monthly changes in her circled ___": JulietORB 3
___ weaver (certain spider)ORB 3
___ weaver: spiderORB 3
15-Down went around oneORB 3
47 Across, e.g.ORB 3
SphereORB 3
"O thou pale ___ that silent shines": BurnsORB 3
"That mighty ___ of song": WordsworthORB 3
2013 Derby winnerORB 3
"Little Fluffy Clouds" band, with "the"ORB 3
___ -BallORB 3
Eye ___ORB 3
EyeballORB 3
2013 Kentucky Derby winnerORB 3
Object whose silhouette is the same from all sidesORB 3
Object in the right hand of the king of clubsORB 3
Sphere, and a hint to this puzzle's themeORB 3
Ball, and word found in 17-, 27-, 45-, and 59-AcrossORB 3
A basketball, but not a footballORB 3
Ambient electronic duo, with "the"ORB 3
A telescope may be trained on one with 3 letters
A telescope may be trained on oneORB 3
Pioneers of ambient house, with "the"ORB 3
Practically any ball except a footballORB 3
Basketball, but not a footballORB 3
Christmas bulb or planet, e.g.ORB 3
Christmas decoration, e.g.ORB 3
Christmas ornament, oftenORB 3
Crystal ball, for exampleORB 3
Divining device, in sci-fiORB 3
English ambient duo, with "the"ORB 3
Pinball or planet, for exampleORB 3
Planet or peeper, poeticallyORB 3
Round sovereignty symbolORB 3
Round symbol of sovereigntyORB 3
Spherical shape, like a globeORB 3
Spinner in space, poeticallyORB 3
Thing held with a scepterORB 3
Ball borne by the nine longest Across answersORB 3
It's about when you leave: Abbr.ORB 3
Ambient group who wrote "Little Fluffy Clouds," with "the"ORB 3
Sovereign's ___ (part of the British Crown Jewels)ORB 3
Sovereign's ___ (one of the British Crown Jewels)ORB 3
A marble, for oneORB 3
Ambient house bandORB 3
An eye for poetry?ORB 3
An eye for the poetic?ORB 3
Astronomical discoveryORB 3
Big ball in spaceORB 3
Bubble, essentiallyORB 3
Bulb or planet, e.g.ORB 3

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