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Answer OPHELIA – Crossword Puzzle Solver

"Rich gifts wax poor when givers prove unkind" speakerOPHELIA 7
"O, what a noble mind is here o'erthrown!" speaker, in ShakespeareOPHELIA 7
"Good night, sweet ladies. Good night, good night" speakerOPHELIA 7
"Hamlet" woman at whose grave Gertrude says "Sweets to the sweet"OPHELIA 7
"Hamlet" characterOPHELIA 7
"Hamlet" flower carrierOPHELIA 7
'Hamlet' roleOPHELIA 7
"Hamlet" victimOPHELIA 7
Shakespearean character who drowns in a brookOPHELIA 7
Hamlet's "get thee to a nunnery" targetOPHELIA 7
Shakespeare character who goes insaneOPHELIA 7
Shakespeare's "primrose path" speakerOPHELIA 7
She "speaks things in doubt, / That carry but half sense"OPHELIA 7
Shakespearean character in a Millais paintingOPHELIA 7
Her drowning is reported in Act IVOPHELIA 7
Hamlet's girlfriendOPHELIA 7
Hamlet's lost loveOPHELIA 7
Hamlet's love interestOPHELIA 7
Polonius' daughterOPHELIA 7
Polonius's daughterOPHELIA 7
Character to whom "Get thee to a nunnery" is said with 7 letters
Character to whom "Get thee to a nunnery" is saidOPHELIA 7
Tragic figure in "Hamlet"OPHELIA 7
Laertes's sister, in "Hamlet"OPHELIA 7
She goes mad in "Hamlet"OPHELIA 7
Laertes' sister in "Hamlet"OPHELIA 7
Hamlet's girlOPHELIA 7
Hamlet's loveOPHELIA 7
Laertes' sisterOPHELIA 7
Tragic heroineOPHELIA 7
The "thee" in "Get thee to a nunnery"OPHELIA 7
Mad maiden of "Hamlet"OPHELIA 7
She loved HamletOPHELIA 7
Sister of LaertesOPHELIA 7
To whom "Get thee to a nunnery" was saidOPHELIA 7
Daughter in 'Hamlet'OPHELIA 7
To whom Hamlet says "Get thee to a nunnery"OPHELIA 7
Daughter of Polonius in "Hamlet"OPHELIA 7
Daughter of PoloniusOPHELIA 7

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